Los Primos 50/50 partner for Feb 03 Draw - Centro Sinfónico Infantil

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Centro Sinfónico Infantil                                ...Old Havana…

Havana Street










This World Heritage city, is so interesting with its narrow streets, castles, churches and a store in every hole in the wall. It is the most densely populated part of Havana and might be described as “inner city”. The kids who grow up here, have to grow up fast because they see everything. 

Front doorCentro Sinfónico Infantil is for them. It is the first music school to be founded in the neighborhood Habana Vieja. This school offers children from this complex community the opportunity to learn a stringed instrument and play in an orchestra.

As you probably know, the economic situation in Cuba is very difficult and the prospects for the coming years are worrying, especially considering the recent political developments in the region. When it comes to music education, Cuba has depended on donations from abroad for years, as instruments and accessories are simply not available in the country. The few instruments that the state is able to purchase usually have to be imported through alternative, more expensive routes, due to existing economic restrictions.


Thanks to the local government, Centro Sinfónico Infantil has been granted a beautiful, historic building for its activities. However, the most important component for making music is still missing: the instruments.


Los Primos has already delivered 3 violins to Sinfónico Infantil and has 12 more violins that have been donated for this school. Donation 1

The instruments need some small repairs and then we need to get them to Havana, along with the 100+ other instruments that are waiting to be shipped to Havana.

We hope that we can put it all together this spring with a shipping container and that is why we are making Centro Sinfónico Infantil our 50/50 online raffle partner this month.

The proceeds from the raffle draw on February 3rd, will go towards repairing and shipping our stringed instruments to the school in Old Havana.

We are also hoping that people will come forward with some more stinged instruments and we would especially like to get some violas and cellos. Cello

A string bass would incredible. Please pass the word to anyone you know who might have an instrument that is not being used.

The teachers for this school volunteer their time to help these kids from the heart of the old city where programs like this, can create life changing experiences.

Music is central to the people of Cuba so please help Los Primos get a few instruments to the little school that is giving many children in Havana Vieja “a dream come true”.

A big hello from the students at Centro Sinfónico Infantil, Havana Vieja, Cuba


                       The joy of discovering music.