Los Primos in Lunenburg

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Lunenburg Seaport Museum

The Seaport is one of the most unique and eclectic places to enjoy live music and in Nova Scotia. The Rendezvous Quartet is delighted to be returning to this funky little spot where it is like a private party with everyone welcome. Tickets are $20 and available here.auatuAugusto Enirquez is a story teller who spent 35 years traveling the world as a Cuban artist. He now shares his music here in Nova Scotia with the help of his two kids Alison and Augusto Pedro. AP & AlisonAlison is a classical violinist, she plays electric 5 string violin and sings like an angel. Augusto Pedro plays classical guitar (5 years studying in Madrid) and now he is playing electric guitar as well. Together they are a duo who can entertain you for a night on their own.jefephotos - kent martin

Jeff Goodspeed is excited to return to the Seaport to enjoy performing for art lovers and spend a night with friends who enjoy cultural experiences. signPart of the proceeds from this show will go to support a new music school for inner-city kids in Old Havana. Centro Sinfínico Infantil - is operated by volunteer music teachers to offer kids who live in the heart of the old city. The project needs stringed instruments and Los Primos is helping them by asking Nova Scotians to donate any old violins, violas or cellos to this important project. violins