Cultural Exchange 2015

Submitted bysite onSat, 2 May 2015 - 12:37 pm

In May of 2015 3 bands from the NSCC, plus 2 bands from the Los Primos Satellite Program met up in Holguin for the Romerías de Mayo International Youth Arts Festival. The NSCC group arrived first and had a cultural exchange with the Holguin School of Music. NSCC students performing at Holguin school 

Afterwards they were greeted with excitement and affection like they had never seen before. NSCC students with kids

The "Dia Canada" concert brought together all the Canadian musicians and Cuban students. NSCC band on stage

 The highlight for the NSCC students was the cultural exchange and the chance to meet, rehearse and perform with musicians from Cuba. NSCC students with Holguin students

The same was true for the students from the Los Primos Satellite Program. Their favourite part of the trip was the cultural exchange. After the Romerías de Mayo concert the NSCC group headed back to Halifax while the Los Primos students went to Bayamo to visit the music school there. Satellite Primos in Bayamo music School

Then every had a chance to play with their new international friends. Canadian and Cuban students play together

After the concert there was a special presentation of a guitar donated to Los Primos by Myles Goodwin of April Wine fame.Cuban playing Myles' guitar