Satellite Primos

In 2009 the Satellite Primos was formed. Each Satellite group is a small jazz band put together in several communities to provide interested students with enhanced musical experiences. The focus is on improvisation and playing many different styles of music.

satellites sub logoOne of the goals of the Los Primos Project is to create more venues where musical education can take place. A small band of ten to twelve students is the best size to teach about jazz, improvisation and musical styles. This program is unique because as well as teenaged students, we bring in post secondary students, and musicians from within the same community to give the instruction so it becomes an inter-generational experience. Young students get to know students in university and young professionals just starting out as well as established musicians, and guest musicians from Cuba.

The foundation for all of the Satellite Primos is a solid rhythm section with piano, guitar, bass and drums. They usually include about 6 horn players and one or two vocalists. Sometimes there are students who move around because they play more than one instrument and sometime there is extra percussion because there is a strong focus on Latin jazz as well as Salsa.

Of course it is all about learning to perform and each group performs on a regular basis. They play at community, school and cultural events. Los Primos project also sponsors 2 or 3 events per year.

In May of 2015 our Satellite Primos groups from Tantallon and Rockingham took a musical study tour to Cuba. They traveled to Holguin to take part in the Romerías de Mayo International Youth Arts Festival. They also spent a day with the music students at the Bayamo Arts School and presented a concert together. Satellite Primos Promo