DFAA 2014

Submitted byJeff Goodspeed onSat, 22 Feb 2014 - 7:51 am

Paul Barrett's Back Alley Big Band features some of the best musicians Nova Scotia has to offer and it was a natural evolution that Augusto Enriquez would sing with this fabulous band. So for the DFAA 2014 the Olympic Hall was transported back to the era when big bands often played for the dancers. Back Alley Big Band with crowd

Latispanica joined with Los Primos at the DFAA by presenting two dance classes. Here you see the Latispanica kids performing for the sold out crowd. Latispanica kids dancing

The Latispanica adults put on a great show as well.Latispanica adults

The Tantallon Primos with Gabe and Ashley singing.Tantallon Primos

The Rockingham Primos Perform.Rockingham Primos

Everyone Young and Old enjoying the dancing.Dancing fun

Two young dancers take a break to socialize on stage.Sofia and Ty

Members of all the communities of Halifax come together at the Dance for All Ages.Crowd dancing with Band