Halifax Jazz Festival 2016

Submitted byJeff Goodspeed onSat, 16 Jul 2016 - 7:22 pm

The Los Primos Project was invited to present a show at the Jazz Festival on July 16. The show featured a new band called “Eclecticus” made up of students who have learned to play Cuban music through their years playing with Los Primos bands and receiving instruction from Cuban professionals who have traveled to Halifax in support of the Project.

Eclectics at on the Jazz Festival Stage

The music was largely from Augusto Enirquez’s CD recorded with his life long musical director Pucho Lopez. Pucho was joking with musical styles and although this music is Cuban at its core, it is infused with elements of Jazz, Rock, Blues, Funk and Classical music.  He called it a Divertimento Cubano!

Augusto Jazz Festival

The inter-generational line up included Alison Enriquez (violin/voice), Carla Bezanson (piano), Matt MacLennan (bass), Will Hansen (guitar), Kristen Wells (vocals) and Ryan Willigar (vocals) joined by the old guard represented by David Burton (drums), Dan Callis (percussion) and of course Jeff Goodspeed(sax/flute/EWI) and Augusto Enriquez (vocals).

Eclecticus on Stage