Augusto In Ravello

Submitted byJeff Goodspeed onWed, 22 Jul 2015 - 9:35 pm

Augusto Enriquez was invited to perform a show in the prestigious Revello Festival in Itally. Alison Enriquez, Alejandro Enriquez and Yamile Casanueva were joined by Jeff Goodspeed, Frank Rubio and Alfred Thompson to present the excerpts from Augusto's  CD Te Doy Una Canción. This 3 CD set features the music of Silvio Rodriguez and ranges in style from traditional Cuban Bolero to Big Band Jazz. 

Ravello the band

The stage at the Ravello Festival sits on the side of a mountain about 1 kilometer above the Mediterreanian Sea. 

Ravello Stage

Ravello view from Stage